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Prairie Thunder FAQ





How long does it take to drive Prairie Thunder from the nearest Airports?


The closest major airport is Wichita’s Mid- Continent Airport located in Wichita, Kansas. This airport is two hours away. The Kansas City International Airport is four hours away but offers more flight options on a daily basis. We have had groups fly in and drive to PTO from both airports. Anyone who wishes to fly their own plane in or can catch one of he few flights that travels there can land at the local airport in Great Bend, Kansas. This airport is located 15 minutes away and can arrange pickup from that site.


Does Prairie Thunder provide transportation from nearby airports?


Pickup can only be provided if prior arrangements are made with PTO. There will be an added fee depending on the group size and which airport you wish to fly into.




Is lodging including in your daily price?

Yes, Lodging is included in all our hunt packages except for Snow Geese.


How many people does your lodge sleep?

We comfortably sleep up to 18 guests at a time.


What is the layout of your bedrooms?

Each bedroom has a different layout, our guests will enjoy single bed sleeping facilities. 


Do groups have the option of having lodging all to themselves? If so, how many must the group be to have their own lodging?

Your group must have 18 to book the lodge.


Are there alternative lodging options besides our lodging (hotels,rental houses, etc)? 

There is a new hotel in Hoisington (Cheyenne Bottoms Hotel) built new in 2011. If we have to book a hotel for you because our lodge is full we cover the lodging as part of your hunt package. If we have to relocate a significant distance away from our lodge to provide the best hunting opportunities for a few days we will also cover your hotel costs. 


Do you charge extra for “non hunters” to stay in the lodge?

Yes, the cost of this arrangement is $50 a night.


Is there an option for clients to arrange their own lodging, and pay less for their hunt package?

No, this will not be an option for the 2014 season.




Do you provide meals for the clients?



Are there any nearby restaurants?

Hoisington has a local Pizza Hut with buffet specials, a local café with lunch specials, a Mexican restaurant and a Dairy Queen, in addition to a local grocery store.

Great Bend has many of the major fast food restaurants and several options for more upscale dining.




What is the duck limit in your area?

6 ducks per person, of which 5 can be mallards. The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit.


What is the goose limits in your area?

6 Canada Geese. 2 Specks, 50 Snows per person. The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit.


When is the best time of the year to target each goose species?

Specklebellies- November and December

Snow Geese- November and December (fall) February, March (spring)t

Lesser Canadas- November, December. January, February

Big Canadas- January, February



What types of blinds do you use (layout blinds, boat blinds, etc)?

For layout blinds we use a combination of Rogers Goose Buster and Avery Ground Force blinds. We have Otter Final Attack layout boats, MoMarsh layout boats, and a custom built “sit to stand” boat blind which holds three shooters at a time.

We also have Avian-X A-Frame blinds for hunters who would rather hunt without layout blinds when the situation allows for it.


How many people are there in a typical hunting group?

6 clients and 2 guides, but numbers are liable to change dependent on the hunting situation.


Is there an option to keep visiting hunting groups separate?

We have six person group min and we don’t combine groups on six or more. This option will be discussed with each group upon arrival to ensure everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible hunting with us.


How much time is spent afield each day?

We typically leave the field around lunch time depending on the quality of the hunt based on the opportunity the group has in the morning. If the morning hunt doesn’t go well because the birds haven’t flown we can also hunt in the afternoon.


Can clients pursue ducks in the morning, and then chase geese in the afternoon (or vice versa)?

Everyday is different so we never promise a group that we can hunt both in the same day. In most situations we try and set up hunts where groups can have the opportunity to shoot both in the same location.


Are there any other hunting opportunities in your area (upland birds, etc)?

We don’t guide for upland game but we can provide maps and guidance to several thousand acres of public land located within an hours drive of the lodge. This can be a great way to enjoy an afternoon after a successful morning afield, but it can be a challenging hunt and upland game should not be the focus of your visit.




Will there be photographs of video taken of my time with PTO?

Yes, each hunt will be extensively photographed by professionals with quality equipment (weather permitting) and the best photos will be posted on our website, Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as a weekly video that will include clips from your time with PTO.


Is there an option to purchase all of the photos and video shot during my stay?

Yes, while some photos from your hunts will be put online and some of the video may make it there as well the only way to access all of the photos and video from your visit will be to purchase it for a set price of $100 for your stay.




Is there a bird cleaning service available? Does it cost extra?

We charge $3.00 a bird to have them cleaned by our staff, and we provide clients with all information necessary to legally transport birds back to their homes. Birds can be cleaned by our guests if they do not wish to pay for the cleaning service.


Can you provide shotguns for clients?

Yes, 12 gauge shotguns can be provided for a fee but you must provide the ammunition.


How do clients get licenses for your area? Can you arrange licenses for them at your lodge, or do they need to get them on their own?

Clients have the option to buy their license prior to their trip online at KDWP’s website. or wait to buy the license locally. If necessary they can buy them online and print them at the lodge. We recommend purchasing them online prior to arrival.


What is the largest group you can accommodate?

Eighteen individuals is the largest group we can accommodate under most circumstances, but we recommend large groups contact us to make special arrangements if necessary.


What is the smallest group you will book?

We have a two person, two day minimum but anyone can join another group for any reason, please contact us to make this special arrangement.


Can clients bring their own retriever with them?

Yes, clients are welcome to bring their gun dog but we reserve the rights to leave your dog in the kennel if its not formally trained and cannot stay steady to gunshots.


Do your guides accept tips? 

Yes, guides here at PTO are greatly appreciative of any tip you can leave regardless the size, though the industry norm for satisfied customer is betweem 15-20% of the overall cost of the hunt.





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