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Prairie Thunder Team

We Are Prairie Thunder

We want to do all the work involved with having a successful hunt so all you need to do is enjoy the morning with your friends and family.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!  


We are a group of young guys who are dedicated to making sure you have a great time duck and goose hunting with us. We never cut any corners and work hard everyday to put you on a great hunt. 


We are a Team, we are Prairie Thunder!


Kansas duck and goose hunting, waterfowl and Spring urkey hunting outfitter and guide service.

Zach White

Prairie Thunder Outfitters Owner Operator

Areas of Expertise: Late Season Duck Hunting, Spring Turkeys. 

Favorite Hunting Situation: Snow Geese 

Lab:  Gepner "G"


My name is Zach White and I grew up in the heart of central Kansas in an area rich in waterfowl tradition. My father introduced me to hunting at an early age and I still remember how excited I was when I got to go on my first duck hunt at Kansas’ famed Cheyenne Bottoms Refuge. With shooting time near, thousands and thousands of ducks filled the sky and it was that exact moment I knew there couldn't possibly be a better way to spend a day then hunting waterfowl.


Since that day fifteen years ago, I’ve had a dream to be able to share my love for the outdoors in a big way. In 2010 I started Prairie Thunder Outfitters to provide an outstanding platform to pursue my dreams of building a successful outfitter. I have been guiding waterfowl for eight years now. I attribute my success in large part to the great group of guys I have around me.


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